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The City of Pacifica is spRockawayBeach_Looking North_0198read along a six mile (10 km) stretch of coastal beaches and hills in north central California. The city comprises several small valleys spread between Sweeney Ridge in the east, Montara Mountain to the south, and the Pacific Ocean’s rocky bluffs to the west.

Pacifica is well known regionally as a popular surfing destination. Surfers and families often visit Linda Mar Beach. Rockaway Beach is a scenic location and offers recreation, shopping and dining. 2005 marked the opening of the top ranked Pacifica Skateboard Park. Pacifica is also a popular mountain biking destination, with many trails crossing the hillsides that surround the city, including Pedro Mountain Road, Sweeney Ridge, and areas of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Fishermen frequent the local beaches and the Pacifica Pier, often catching Striped Bass and Salmon. Pacifica is also a popular place to hike, with many trails that wind along the beaches and bluffs, including Mori Point, San Pedro Valley County Park, the Sanchez Adobe, and Milagra Ridge. For live local theater and performing arts, Pacifica Spindrift Players is a local and popular favorite, in addition to Pacifica Performances which regularly provides both musical presentations and performing arts as well. Pacifica is also home to the Sharp Park Golf Course, which was designed in 1931 by architect Alister MacKenzie. The world class bromeliad nursery, Shelldance Orchid Gardens is located just off Highway 1 in Pacifica, adjacent to the Sweeney Ridge hiking trailhead.


The Pacifica School District is nestled in Pacifica, California, on one of the most beautiful stretches of the California coastline. The District is guided by a Strategic Plan, developed cooperatively with the Board of Trustees and the administration, teachers, parents, and other community members. The “one District, two paths” educational system provides a range of educational experiences, all of them standards-based, rigorous, and focused on ensuring that students leave the district with a solid foundation for success in higher education and throughout life. In addition to the rigorous academic program at each site, the District supports a Home School Program for families who wish to home school.

The two educational paths are: Single School (K-8) and Dual School (K-5 + Middle School). The main difference between the paths is the school environment in grades 6-8. All education is based on the California curriculum standards and is taught by credentialed, professional teachers who are supported by continuing education. Both paths offer enrichment that includes music, visual arts, performing arts, and physical education. All 6th-8th grade students have access to an Instrumental Music Program supported by the Pacifica Education Foundation. The single school path provides class continuity from kindergarten to high school. The dual school path provides middle grade experience geared to easing the transition to high school and beyond. The path that works for any individual child is a personal decision. The District is happy to assist by offering information and guidance about each choice.

Within each path is an excellent set of schools, each with a slightly different focus. The following descriptions allow families to develop an understanding of our District and the distinct “flavor” of each school.

Cabrillo Elementary

Ocean Shore School

Ortega Elementary

Sunset Ridge Elementary

Vallemar Elementary

Ingrid B. Lacey Middle School

Home School

Linda Mar Educational Center

Terra Nova High School

Oceana High School

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