The Elfving Group

Marlon & Madeline Tang (19 Rolling Hills, San Mateo)

“Our experience with the Elfvings as our realtors can be summed up in 4 words: outstanding knowledge and professionalism.  Erik and Emma were there for us at every stage of our home buying journey, and even before and afterwards.  When we first arrived in the Bay Area, the Elfvings were our first point of contact; their intimate knowledge of the Peninsula was instrumental in helping us secure a lease that met our needs.  Later, when we were ready to make the leap to home ownership, Erik and Emma meticulously took the time to truly understand us and our thoughts for a new house, answering all of our questions (no matter how trivial) and providing a deep level of insight into our potential purchase decisions.  When we had made our final choice, they coordinated the purchase with a fine attention to detail that made the entire process seamless, despite the many different parties involved.  Post-purchase, the Elfvings were again there for us in providing thoughtful recommendations for upgrades and renovations.  The Elfvings have become more than just realtors to us – they are trusted advisors and partners in our family’s journey to the Bay Area.  We wholeheartedly recommend them without reservation.”

  • Marlon & Madeline Tang (19 Rolling Hills, San Mateo)